We value our patients' experience at Tarjoman Chiropractic Inc., Weight-Loss & Wellness Center. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Mike S. Tarjoman D.C./C.C.E.P.
Tarjoman Chiropractic | Office: 949-829-8871 

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  • "There's no magic pill to weight loss (but perhaps some magic snacks??). Since having my three kids I tried it all! Swear. You name it, I had the app, the program, the meetings, the everything. I also had all the excuses, no time, pain here or there, can't afford it, traveling, etc."
  • "Dr Tarjoman is the best Chiropractor I have even being to and I have being to a few. I am a dentist for 16 years and my back needs all the help I can get. After me and my daughter have being in a small car accident We were referred to his office and have being treated by him for a while now."
  • "I got in a pretty bad car accident and was referred here by my attorney. I was skeptical because I'm not really a "doctor" kind of person, so the thought of a stranger snapping my neck was horrifying. Let me first say that the doctor is very comforting from minute one, and wow does he know his stuff. His office is more like a day spa, and so relaxing."
    Adam N
  • "Total Weight Loss: 43lbs (ALL FAT)
    First Pass 218 to 185lbs (July 2014 ~ 2 Months)
    Second Pass 190 to 175lbs (January 2015 ~ 1 Month)
    Let me just say than in my experience, Nutrition is 99% how to lose FAT. I have been active and into nutrition but always overweight, so after trying many different programs without success, I finally gave the Ideal Protein Diet a try and SO GLAD I did."
    Josh N
  • "First I want to start off by saying that this is an amazing diet or what I like to call it change in lifestyle. Not only did I achieve my weight loss goal of 18 pounds (I went from 138lbs to 120lbs) but it has changed my life. I eat healthier and make smarter choices when it comes to eating right. And the best part is I enjoy eating healthy! I am truly grateful to Danielle & Mike Tarjoman! I highly recommend this diet to anyone! It will change your life!"
    Kristen S
  • "r. Tarjoman is wonderful! His gentle demeanor makes you feel at ease and welcome. He is knowledgeable and truly cares about his patients. I was referred to him after my car accident and he helped me feel so much better!"
    Melissa S
  • "I have been to numerous chiropractors in the last 10 years, but this is the only place I can go to for an accurate adjustment. My first adjustment was in 2006, and stayed with him ever since then.
    There were times where I was in pretty bad shape...I would call to get an appointment,..then basically limp to tajormans center."
    Sam H
  • "Dr. T and Danielle are the most perfect team! I am a NY transplant a hard core trainer & I work as a medical professional myself, in other words I beat my body up pretty bad. After completing a 14 day journey across America alone Dr. T and Danielle welcomed me to their practice with open arms and a wealth of knowledge! I consider it a privilege and an honor to let them work on me and open my eyes to whole new world of health! Dr. T's ability to properly manipulate/adjust the body is magnificent!"
  • "I have been doing Ideal Protein diet. I have been seeing him for weight loss. I lost 35 lbs in 3 months. I am a new person inside out! I am healtier and look amazing! His advices helped me a lot. He is a great weight loss coach. He is always kind, listens to you and answers your all questions with a big relaxing smile on his face which is priceless for the people who are on a diet. He is a gem for weight loss in Orange County area. I absolutely recommend his clinic."
  • "I have been going to Dr. T. for general maintenance for over 5 years. He truly is the best of the best. My husband and kids see him as well, and it has made our lives that much more blissful. He is extremely thorough and caring, and he loves what he does which definitely shows in his approach. He takes about 30 minutes to adjust you, including losening the body up, massage and adjustment. I feel brand new every time I see him. Also, he works on your whole body."
    Mrs P
  • "They offer the Ideal Protein diet program and it works great. Food taste great easy to stay on the diet started Jan 1st at 188 and weighed in today at 174 and feeling great. Looking to start eating healthy on my own in two more weeks with the great support from Danielle:)
    Wife went from 122 to 109 which made me a believer real fast.
    Thanks for all the support Danielle and I hope others get the opportunity that I have had."
    Ralph J
  • "I've been bouncing around different chiro clinics and Dr. Tarjoman, together with her massage therapist Jill, by far offers the best treatment. The big difference is that they listen to their patients and not just perform "routine" procedures just like everybody else. I can tell them specifically my problem areas and they will work on that area as I expected... very effective, very efficient, always on time and flexible on their scheduling. I highly recommend this office."
    Joel L
  • "Dr Tarjoman is amazing! I have seen him for both weight loss and chiropractic therapy. His office carries the ideal protein diet which i lost a total of 78lbs on that diet. I also suffer from chronic back pain from working in my professional field. In one session he was able to ease my pain! I absolutely recommend This place. Danielle and Dr. T have a wonderful team there and they are very accessible."
  • "I have been going to Tarjoman Chiropractic for a few years now and he is one of the best out there. I bounced around from chiropractor to chiropractor for a few years before I found Tarjoman, and can honestly say he is the best I have ever found. Very friendly and genuinely concerned for your well-being. The whole staff there are great and offer some of the best deep tissue massages. I look forward to my future visits!"
    Jonathan N
  • "What a goldmine here! I've been to a number of chiropractors throughout the years, and Mike's dedication to his patients is unsurpassable. He is "hands on" for 30-40 minutes; not like others that adjust you for 10 minutes or so and send you on your way.The added bonus of having massage therapists on site just completes the experience. Both are thorough and knowledgeable, and get this - they actually let Dr T know what they've found during a massage so he can get to the root of the matter."
    Lisa W
  • "I've seen several chiropractors before trying Dr. Tarjoman. I was immediately impressed by his thorough questioning, and his 'adjustment' is not the "typical chiro adjustment". He uses a wonderful massager to loosen you up, then adjusts you, then massages more. He finds areas that I didn't even realize were tight or sore!"
    Lianne B
  • "Amazing treatment- Dr. T spent time reviewing all aspects of my issues. He took the time to review the proper use of the foam roller. I will have Dr. T come out to teach the use of the foam roller to my running group."
    Pete V
  • "This place is fantastic!!! I have been to a TON of chiropractic centers and Dr. T blows them all away! The tools he uses and the skills he has are unlike anyone else. I can always tell when we neck starts to hurt and they are so accommodating with a quick appointment"
    Shawna A
  • "Dr. Tarjoman is always extremely caring and attentive. I've been going to him for general chiropractic maintenance for 3 years now and he always makes my back and entire body feel completely relaxed after every appointment. I would totally recommend him to anyone with specific chiro needs or for preventative care. Mike is the best!!!"
    Jenny G
  • "Dr. Tarjoman is a truly gifted and talented chiropractor. His adjustments are exact and easy. I worked for chiropractors for eight years and he is the best. My back and neck feel great. He takes chiropractic to the next level. I highly recommend him without any reservation and encourage you to allow him to help you."
    Pam B
  • "Dr. T is very good at alleviating neck and back stiffness. Two weeks ago I had a neck injury. After about an hour visit full motion was restored to my neck. Plus he shows you how to do exercises to help strengthen your body. He and Danielle are really nice people to work with, too!"
    Shelly L
  • "I've been seeing this chiropractor for about four years now. I had other chiropractors in the past that I thought were good or great (at the time) but now I'm never going back! Dr. Tarjoman is the best. This is no mill chiropractic office. Dr. T takes his time with each patient (and I mean like 30 minutes)."
    Tamara R
  • "Dr Tarjoman is the best chiropractor and the only one I trust. He is extremely professional and kind and very very good at his job. His office is like an oasis and I look forward to my visits! I always feel 100% after my chiropractic sessions."
  • "I lost 43 lbs in 12 weeks at the Tarjoman Weight Loss clinic on the Ideal Protein Diet.
    The diet was very easy and I didn't even need a minute of exercise."
    Dr Clair A
  • "I had no food cravings and I wasn't tempted to cheat.

    I highly recommend the Tarjoman Weight Loss Ideal Protein Diet if you are ready to let go of your extra pounds.

    This is the easiest diet I have ever tried.

    The only way to describe this diet is: "A Miracle!""
    CDA, Irvine, CA
  • "I love this place! It's just simple science and Dr. Tarjoman and his wife have it totally dialed in. If you follow what the protocol and staff tell you to do, you will see weight loss (barring any medical issues, of course). I gave birth to my second daughter in July and gained 50 lbs with this pregnancy. It is now November and I am just 4 lbs away from my goal. I joined Tarjoman Weight Loss VERY recently so this is huge (and I'm NOT huge anymore!)."
    Courtanay C
  • "I am 53 yrs. old and struggled with 10-15 lbs. for 10 years. I exercise 6 days a week and eat a balanced diet but the wight would not come off.Two of my clients lost 30 lbs. in 3 months on the Ideal Protein Diet but i thought it was not for me cuz I just need to lose 10 lbs. But then I realized it was perfect for me cuz it wouldn't take much time. Six week later and 15 lbs. lighter I could not be happier."
    Laurie C
  • "I am currently serving Danielle for weight loss help. After a couple years of gaining weight and doctors saying"yeah, that happens at your age" it's thrilling to finally find a program that works. I'm down 20 pounds and know I will lose the next 10 with Danielle's help. Ideal protein makes sense and works!"
    Judy S
  • "I have spent a lifetime obsessing about my weight and fitness. After a series of personal losses and health issues I had put on unwanted pounds but just couldn't get motivated to take than off. Over the past year I witnessed my hairdresser and several others in his salon lose weight thru the Ideal Protein Diet."
    Nancy P
  • "The Ideal Protein diet is a great weight loss plan. If you are like me, and don't do well with tracking points and deciding what you should eat, this is a sure fire way to lose weight.You simply follow their plan and your body has no choice but to use up your stored fat. I have lost 30 pounds in 8 weeks. You have two meal items and one snack item (WHICH ARE AWESOME!!), Plus 4 cups veggies (2 at lunch, 2 at dinner) and 8 oz of protein for dinner."
    Daniel P
  • "Dr. Mike and Danielle are the crème de la crème! Hands down, Best Chiropractor. Danielle is an incredible Ideal Protein Coach. They are amazing and supportive. I would recommend anyone to them! Thanks Dr. Mike and Danielle :)"
    Sheri B
  • "I am absolutely thrilled with Tarjoman's Ideal Protein weight loss system. I have seen results very quickly. I feel great and look great. It is so wonderful to know that Danielle is there for me with questions and cheering me on. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants a life-time healthier change."
    Kimberly A
  • "AAAA +++++ - Even if Mike or Danielle aren't in the office, they are there via text to motivate, answer questions and even scold if needed. I've been a weight-loss client for about a year, and will continue to use Tarjoman Weight-Loss to maintain my new healthy lifestyle. Thanks so much!"
    Lisa W
  • "Did the ideal protein weight loss program and loss over 50 pounds so the program really works. But its not only the program that matters but also the coach. Danielle is great at what she does and here is how i know that."
    Mike C
  • "I learned about the diet from a relative, who has kept the weight off for more than a year. This diet WORKS! If you are seriously ready to lose weight, you will see results in a relatively short amount of time. I lost 25 lbs in 3 1/2 months and I'm still losing (went from size 8 to size 2), even with hypothyroidism and I'm in my 40's. Once I reached my weight goal, I had blood work done to see if I was actually healthier."
    Kay G
  • "Believe me when i tell you that this place is truly exceptional! I have been to many chiropractors in my life time and never have I found an all inclusive Wellness Center quite like this! Dr. Mike takes his time to carefully map your chiropractic care based on your specific needs. I was experiencing some horrendous back and neck pain, almost a pinched nerve situation."
    Marina K
  • "I found out about Dr. T from my boss, I am a Sports Massage Therapist and have worked with Chiropractors through out my career. Dr. T. is very unique in his practice, his goal is to NOT make you reliant on him forever and to take control of your health."
    Kristie R
  • "I feel so blessed to have Dr. Tarjoman in my life. He is very knowledgeable, friendly and compassionate. When I first went to his office I felt like I was in a spa. The smell of essential oils were so refreshing and relaxing. His services are outstanding. He spent time with me to learn about my history and he was able to diagnose me very quickly. I have chronic pain in my lower back and did not have full range of motion in my neck."
    Rose S
  • "My husband and I love Dr T. He is professional and extremely caring. Whenever we are out of whack he gets us right back in line.
    My biggest success with Dr T is the healing of my plantars fasciitis. I suffered for over 2 years trying other methods. One visit with Dr T and I was healed finally! We will never trust another chiropractor."
    Shannon B
  • "I've have been going to Tarjaman chiropractic for 12 years and he is truly the BEST chiropractic I have ever gone too. He treats what you need and you don't need to keep going back like most Doctors so don't waste your time and money on anyone else go to Tarjaman he's awsome!!!!"
    Chris B
  • "I have been going to Dr.Tarjoman for 15 years;for all my chiropractic needs.He is one of the most knowledgeable and caring doctors I have ever known.He has a gentle touch and his therapies are spot on."
    Shahram B


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